About book "The Revelation" by D. Ninić:

Velimir Abramovic Ph.D.

On a summer night, at around eleven o’clock, and after I had finished reading, a dream came to me, a dream in the most brilliant, vivid, translucent colours, and in that dream, a voice said to me: it is easy for a Miracle Maker to perform miracles and feed thousands of people with five fish, it is easy for him to turn water into wine…

It is exhausting this “way of the white heat”, the way of science. It takes time for a man to catch a fish, it also takes time to juice out the must from grapes... Labourious work this… But then again, there’s the third way: turning faith into science. Where we shall feed on Light, instead of fish, where we shall drink the white heat of the Universe, the energy of the Point Zero. Neither water nor wine. Man eats and drinks, and he is being fed with Light… All biochemical processes in the human body, in the end, come down to photon exchanges between atoms and molecules, to electromagnetic radiation, to light.

Power generators are an evidence of ignorance. Wired and wireless energy transmission is unnecessary. Time, in occult techniques, is used as motion principle, the non-local center of the Universe, as a fixed support and inexhaustible source.

This book is a proof that the third way has found its path, here, in Serbia...


Velimir Abramovic Ph.D.


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