The reader may wonder whether Ninić presented something confidential that he himself was a part of, or whether he is only a visionary of his time?

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Gen.major Svetozar Radišić gives one of the possible answers to this question:


"In connection with Dušana Ninić’s books, there are only four certain things:


○     First, they are written in the form of novels.

○     Second, they contain elements that enter into the field of quantum physics and the latest scientific achievements in general.

○     Third, the readers get an impression that the novels contain some strictly confidential information.

○     Fourth, the author writes as if there is a group that possesses the weapons that can save the world and that these weapons are available to the righteous.


I wish everything I’ve read in Dušan Ninić’s books was true. I must admit that he has skillfully assumed the role of the narrator.The book 'Revelation' has the same effect on me as it has on you - after reading these novels I'm not sure if I know more or less than prior to reading. "


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