When we started to work on this comment we had only the basic outlines of how it should look like. The idea of making a comment on Protocol of Zion sages sprang long time ago – not that we could praise them or criticize them, or prove it is a jewish or Freemason's conspiracy. Let some of these even be true, but we would leave such comments to others. After all, there are many such experiments which proved that Protocols have been written by this or that .. we shall turn to that later on.

Something else is actually fascinating in Protocols. Namely, the important fact is that what is narrated as program in Protocols, is actually thruth. That someone puts it into life. And not just as some secret program – program of some conspiracy organization, as it looks like at the first sight, but much deeper– that it is theoretical consideration of state and rights which is exceptional, but in the service of evil and destruction of elementary social and moral values of this civilisation. We shall try to show to the reader how much damage this ideology has already brought to the world, how the very publishing of this book has helped the negative powers dominate over the XX century - Hitler based his antisemitic ideology and campaign on Protocols, etc. Protocols give some facts that are true for all times – no matter how we interpret them or whether we like some things or not, but basic premises are here and they represent some legalities of social structure that are in effect, but it is up to us to decide how we shall use them. Therefore the Protocols keep underlining the fact that truth is somewhere around us – but it is from these or those reasons not available to majority of people not even to scientists.

Protocols are exceptional teacher of governing which shows how and what to do, if they want to reach certain aims. They are intoned in the way that it turns out knowledge of governing is used by Freemason – Jewish conspiracy in order to subject the world to its interests.

Let some of these even be true or not, but we are now trying to put it in other plan, since although it can be used for reaching negative aims – that knowledge of governing (in Protocols, so beautifully expressed) can also be used for positive purposes.

Here we shall try to explain the theory of governing state mechanisms established in Protocols, not in order to criticize this or that but to bring these knowledges closer to average present-day reader, all that as  small contribution to the Theory of State and Rights.

Let's use Protocols as reading selection that will warn us of what is to come and what has already come. We shouldn't use them for discrediting of this or that people as it has been done so far..., but as something that will help us comprehend the mechanism of governance.

And as Orwel in his short but above all inspired works warned the world that new apologistic ideologies are possible to come , let this also be primarily a prediction of that will not only come but has already been present. – and as a rule it hasn't been noticed. Danger lays precisely in that – majority of people do  not comprehend this (we must admit) genial but still above all corrupt and distorted mechanism of control over people and politics. 

Actually, the biggest irony is that all of them (more or less), used Protocols as means for fulfillment of some of its proclaimed aims, without getting into real studying of value of the very text. The German Fascists of Third Reich made on Protocols a powerful campaign  against Jews, as a base for reinforcing the value of racial nationalfascistic doctrine (some people would say this is not a  doctrine but simply a roaring hysteria – which is in fact true, but is this the first time the warped ideas are packed in acceptable forms for purpose of self-delusion and self-excuse of not only politicians who create it but even more of obeyers  who put them into effect.  It was also of use as an excuse  for failure of Germany in World War. The culprits are found – these were not German patriots but – people know who.

On the other hand, part of the world oriented to democracy has not dealt with studying of Protocols for many reasons. First, the very printing and reading of Protocols was forbidden in order to prevent the  burst of antisemitic aspirations. Second, the Jews themselves, after all that Hitler did to them (as well as other absolutists before him), refused even to hear about Protocols or similar ideas and they just wanted in every possible way to prove these to be forgery. Therefore the following situation was made, that intead Protocols to be used as warning of what had happened and what is to come and as means for fight against political misuses of all kinds, they were allowed to serve only for unwanted purposes.

It was expected that public announcement of such  document reached positive aim – to prevent “secret” document from bringing evil as if it were in shadow and unobstructed, it turned out almost vise versa – that its announcement brought more damage than if it had remained “secret”, and the very publishing of such ideas represents the further platform for development of more destructive ideologies – and that unfortunately no one dealt with the other side of this text more seriously. Maurice Joly also in his pamphlet "Dialogues in hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, or Machiavelli's Politics in 19th Century, from contemporaries" didn't want to teach future dictators on political scene of history how to govern and abuse power – but to warn mankind of  the forthcoming, if possible deviations are not prevented in time, especially in terms of power of growing technologies in the field of mass communication.

Here we have just wanted to try to reach two aims – first to reveal the  mechanism of power abuse, then to use it, but as the method of setting certain barriers in structures of modern democracies in order to prevent such deviations – and clean them from where they already are.

It is not true that power must be only in force – it is like that but only in societies which we want to be like that. But Serbia with its  freethinking tradition – with many good, clever (even genial) people doesn't have to be the polygon for testing new techniques of manipulation over people but to prove to the world how people can leave in harmony of all social elements. Some would say this is utopia – maybe it is, but first of all it will happen if we want it to happen and let it be so.

Let's use these warnings from Protocols to teach us what we shouldn't let us happen (what shouldn't happen to us). Let the world try to make its own world (I would say satanic) order – we don't believe it will succeed till the end – but don't let them even pollute our minds with its own garbage intentionally planned for us. Although military intervention performed outwards is dangerous,  maybe the more dangerous intervention is the one to our minds (especially to our youth). So do we need anything more than peacefully watch the young generations' dying  under the awful hand of various narcotics  - in primary school they start with the first cigarette which ends up in a few years with different drugs. Do you know how many of our clever and good children have already in secondary school been lost for good in maelstrom of drugs?

Early debauchery (some call it sexual revolution) destroys our family (which is the safest defence from depression and hopelessness).

Our children for nights 'lose their time' in cafes (they even babble them – small cafes). Our brains are washed out by satanic music and movies full of violence.

But, let reading of Protocols help us understand  that all this is not   accidental – that this is not a normal flow of civilisation development of modern society – but planned heading towards  overall chaos in order to destroy the old values and replace them with the new ones – under the leadership of  satanic world government and with new faith  (most probably NEW AGE – or something that will come out of it).

Let's only remember what Hitler and his mob of soldiers made to the world  headed by the faith in Lucifer and his structure on earth. We were so close to witness the similar again – only now with other country and under other leader – you draw the parallel between Delta unit (USA) and former SS unit – they didn't even try to change the symbols – or they couldn't since they pray to the same " God ".

It is fascinating that many of that mentioned in Protocols as alleged work program, can actually be met in practice today – starting from new world order to the schooling and economics.


»At the beginning of social structure they submitted to harsh and blind force, later they did it to the Laws, which are actually the same force, but only under mask. We can draw the conclusion that by the law of nature power is in force«. (P-1)


The essence of power is antagonism between people's wishes and desires – emerging from their natural order – as well as limitations of these wishes through the system of power or simpler said – force.

It is the question of ethics – did we have to overcome such reasoning on this level of civilisation – and that through spiritual development and on the basis of developed conscience – also overcome negative impulses and tendencies and power for their channaling. "Christianlike love" as orthodox saints say, states that it is possible, but we shall say more about it later.


»Each decision of the crowd depends on the accidental or planted majority which due to the ignorance of political secrets brings the absurd decision taking the germ of anarchy into administration


Unfortunately to what degree this is true, - not all of us witnessed to it in practice – in different meetings, of these or those bodies of the company, institutions or  government agencies.

Especially bachelors of law in their practice – or it is better to say organizers of gatherings where something is to be decided  (either secret or public) know – the importance of majority and is as follows:


-          Which people is it composed of?,

-          How big the necessary majority is, since if don't have enough people for  "our thing", then it is better the necessary majority to be small, i.e.the whole deciding body to be as smaller as possible, then,

-          How to formulate the item for those who vote since people are by the rule suggestible and they vote in most cases for affirmative proposal: "Who's for"?,

-          It is not all the same which order the items should take in order to pass?


Even if we know all this – and we are still using the mechanisms of majority decision making and we are doing it without protection from the above mentioned abuses  - what actually minority decides, however it is hidden bedind the decisions rendered by the mentioned majority – we have the right to ask: Why is it like that?

Is this the intentional distortion of democratic creations or they are just a cunning method of camouflaging the system of minority power?

Is there a worm in the very heart of such decision makings (and broader, all democratic creations) which negates them and therefore misuses are necessary, or simply ignorant majority allows to be manipulated by the perverted minority?

These are all difficult questions and we don't aspire to be able to give an absolute answer to them, but the very questions actually represent some answer if they are raised at all.

Democracy could be " right " only if it draws its power from social norms (customs, moral,..), but not from the imposed (often) legal norms which codify the wish of some informal group - minority, and it is not something that comes out from people's wishes and needs.

We know that the best law is the one which codifies some social norm obeyed by majority anyway (for instance it is forbidden to steal or kill  and similar).

There are, not a small number of them, protectors claiming that it is impossible to apply custom and moral norms to governmental structure and political rule, but we couldn't or shouldn't completely agree with that – it is correct that wealth of relations in governmental structure is something that overcomes the frames of customs and moral, but they also give very nice base for each social relation that could be built on .

Government apparatus is very sensitive mechanism  and in its order there should be firm order and hierarchy , but this is not contrary to the ethics – of course there could be a society where the hierarchy is not based on force or power, but on understanding of big majority of people that precisely such behaviour is correct – more precisely that it is based on the conscience of each individual about his social role.  Isn't the each religious society actually such a system where everybody knows his place, which is very close to governement organization, even to some destructive, criminal organizations like mob – where everybody behaves in line with some longtime established custom that is considered to be the only correct template of behaviour, no matter if this is the case or not – but it is important to say that such system is possible, but it also enables possible abuses (that's why the Italian mob is given as an example). Or self-managing socialism  was also (now it is already a history) one perfectly imagined system, but it couldn't resist abuses – or it was made just like that in order to camouflage the power of minority? 

It is a difficult question, but we shall turn to that later on.


11.“Politics has nothing in common with moral. The ruler guided by moral is not a politician, therefore he is not firmly on his throne. The one who wants to govern has to resort to hypocrisy and shrewdness. Huge characteristics of folk – frankness and honesty– are the vices in politics, since they are driven from the throne better and more secure than the stongest enemies. These features should be the attributes of Goyish states, however we cannot be guided by them.”


Therefore Protocols very clearly state that Politics does not have anything in common with moral – and they have the right, if politics is considered to be the system of governing minority by the ignorant majority this exactly confirms the above mentioned comment. 

In current societies it is also obvious that states are based on higher democracies and ethically oriented leaders – they are more vulnerable to outer and inner enemy, but the cause of it is morale present only in consience of a leader that he shouldn't make abuses and evil to people and it is not in the conscience of a mass that it should behave in accordance with common needs,  so there is a readiness to opose to every enemy.

12. »Our right is in force. The word »right« is an abstract and unproved thought. The word doesn't mean more than the following: give me what I want , so that I could obtain the proof that I  am stronger than you .

Where the right starts? Where does it finish?

From the state, which is the weak organization of power, with faceless laws and ruler marked by multiplied rights, due to liberalism, I gather the new right: to rush at the right of powerful and wipe out all the existing orders and institutions and become the master of those who left the rights of their power to us, renouncing them voluntarily, liberally

13. While the modern authorities are hasitating and swaying , our power will be stronger than others, since it will be invisible until it is firmed so much that no shrewdness can undermine it.

From the temporary evil, which we are forced to perform, the good of unshakable management will outcome, establishing the regular flow of common people's mechanisms, disturbed by liberalism. 14. Result justifies the means. Let's pay attention in our plans not so  much to what is good and moral, but to what is necessary and useful.

The plan is in front of us, where line is laid out in a strategic manner, we cannot retreat from without risking to witness the demolition of many century's works.

15. In order to make and prepare suitable effects, we should have in mind meanness, hesitation, incosistency of the crowd, its incapability to understand and respect the terms of its own life, its own wellbeing.  It should be understood that power of crowd is blind, irrational, that it cannot reason, that it can only put its ear to the right and left. The blind man cannot guide the blind without driving them to fall – members of the crowd, noisemakers from rows of common people, even genially clever but with no comprehension of politics, cannot appear as directors of the crowd without spoiling the whole nation.

Only the face since childhood prepared for  autocracy can therefore read the words composed of political letters.


Folk, left to themselves, i.e. noisemakers and leaders from their surrounding, ruins and breaks itself through party discord caused by the tendency for power and honors and disorders resulting from that.*

Can we consider the masses peacefully, without competition, to be instructed into the  operations of their country that cannot be mixed with personal interests? Can they be defended from the outer enemy? It cannot be even think about, since the plan crushed into as many parts as there are heads in the crowd loses its entirity, therefore it becomes inconceivable and impracticable.

18. Onlyautocratic person can make detailed and clear plans, first of all making the distribution of everything placed  in mechanism of government machine; following conclusion can be drawn from this  suitable administration for one country must be concentrated in the hands of one responsible person. Without absolute despotism there can't be any civilisation not conducted by masses but by their leader, no matter who he was. The crowd is a Barbarian showing its barbarity on each occasion. As soon as the crowd seizes freedom it turns it into anarchy  which is by itself the highest level of barbarity.


19.Look at the drunk animals, fainted by wine, to whom the right for unlimited use was given together wih freedom.  We probably wouldn't let the same also happens to ours …

Goyish people carried away alcoholic drinks  and their youth crazed from classicism and early debauchery, incited and impelled by our agencies -  governors, lackeys,  governesses – in rich houses, helpers, waiters and our women – in places where Goys celebrate and enjoy themselves. The last mentioned are considered to be the-so-called »ladies from the world«, their voluntary followers in luxury and debauchery.«



Does not exactly the same happen  to our youth (not only ours)?  Is this paranoia, if we say that youths' intoxication in cafes, drug taking and all night life, is the consequence of some global conspiracy?

Is this then the worked out method for destruction of one or many people  – is it a genocide?

Of course it is much more shrewd than in fascists'death camps.

To strike youth is the same as to strike the future of one people. Alcoholism, drug abuse, even debauchery – as said in Protocols, - and we call it today sexual revolution, are increasingly present, from generation to generation.

Sociologists and psychologists  have studied and explained  these phenomena and although it is not our aim to do so but mostly all gets down to phenomenology of problem but the essence is actually concealed.

In 1990's of this century 'sexual revolution' was considered to be the idea of small number of mentally illed. At the same time Kollontai, Lenin's loyal secretary, taught Soviet women that having a sexual relationship with someone doesn't mean more than 'drinking a glass of water'. The American revolutionary Margaret Sager founded association/company 'Planetary parentship'. She propagated promiscuity among teenegers  and directed them to reasearch the field of sexuality unrestrictedly.

Together with it,  she predicted the sterilization  that will include 'lower' races: black people, Jews, inhabitants of South Europe, christian fundamentalists and metally retarded. The other will be multiplied in order to make the higher, master's race... Therefore the ideas of Wilhelm Reich the teacher of orgasmic revolution, Kollontai and Sanger now became 'common good' of world civilisation, while sexual education long time ago replaced religion education in schools. Man is divided into erogenous zones and he stopped considering love out of context of sexual act. - 'New Age' in a rush offers its solutions.

We have witnessed the process of slow destruction of family as the basic cell of society – What is the share of the every step present and increasing pornography in it – sexual revolution, treated by all of us with kindness), - it is for sure one of the causes – but, where does it come from, who is the organizer of it?

It is usually claimed that these are the laws of  social development, but it doesn't explain anything – is the explanation given in Protocols more correct – early debauchery – marked as means and aim.

21. “Nowdays we are untouchable as international power/force, since if we are attacked by one we shall be supported and protected by other states. Inexhaustible malice of Goyish people, crawling before the force, having no sympathy towards weakness, who are pitiless to faults and condescending towards criminals, who don't endure contradictions of  free order, who are patient to martyrdom before the violence of daring despotism – these all helps and contributes to our independence, from contemporary prime ministers – dictators, they suffer and endure such misuses, who will for the least cut the heads of twenty kings.

How can such a phenomenon be explained , such inconsistency of masses  in their relation to events,  say,  of one order?

22. The phenomenon is explained in the following way, thesedictators wisper to people through their agents that with their misuses they bring damage to the states for the purpose of higher aims – reaching good of the related people,their international brotherhood, solidarity and equality. It is understandable, they are not told that such unification must be performed only under one state.


This idea exactly gave to Socialist (communist) dictatorships the necessary strenght for life. No other authoritarian state could be based only on the will of  several men from the managing top  - but it should win over the mass in some other way – the term "win over" is not the right one – it is better to say to force them, but we don't have the precise and appropriate term (except maybe manipulation) since some dictator uses hard force and scaring – as Rome for example, but in socialism they moved a step further – with the help of the ideas from Protocols.

Here in a shrewd way the trust of masses was won over that all misdeeds are done for the sake of common good. It is important  "to save the world" – to save the mass of workers and peasants  from harsh life and explotation made by the minority in power. Now they are all (as all pretense) in power – mass representatives. It also developed in science - Marxism, Leninism,.. Man sacrifies himself, lives worse than before, but the thing is general sacrifice for some imaginary better tomorrow – it is important that everybody is equal (in poverty). We are waiting for better tomorrow and believe in better tomorrow almost like in some religion. 

In selfgoverning socialism it was gone even further. In Tito's Yugoslavia there was no life. The question is raised how it was possible when we know that  socialist  economy was not sustainable and it is extensive?

It was a great experiment to show in practice the would-be model – how is going to be lived - when Prince of Jud ascended a throne (as Protocols say).

Big dotation parties maintained the economy of the country as long as  Tito was alive, since it was really his work. It is important that people is separated from each power through the most cunning of all systems for manipulation over masses - delegate system. The top of power is untouchable since people don't  choose it  - people choose delegates, then they choose other delegates and so on – almost as far as the eye can see. And it is all in the form of biggest democracy. Protocols speak about it clearly.

To what the growing communism was ready, it is obvious in our example in the period of II world war or better to say socialist revolution that was performed at that time – let's just remember what happened in Yugoslavia during the second world war and immediately after when mason – jewish socialist power which has just been enthroned – was being wild especially in Serbia as Orthodox country. It is simply unbelievable how people can endure all these  mistreatments, probably they are afraid that always can be worse and even worse than that and they are actually afraid of changes, but it is not all that so simple, the above mentioned in Protocols explains this in a very nice way, but you will admit that, by the rule, no one of us has ever thought in this way. Draw the conclusion yourselves.

1. Which form of social administration can be established in societies where bribery got into every pore, where the wealth can be reached by skillful surprises through halfcheating machinations, where dissipation reigns, where moral is supported by penal measures and cruel laws, and not by voluntary adopted principles, where feeling towards fatherland  and religion is stained by cosmopolitan convictions? What other fomr of administration can be given to these except the despotic one which I am going to explain further on?


Aren't the postulates also basic leadings of a great number of current sects  - let's just remember what New Age and similar movements that derived from it tell us, where values of consumers' society were magnified through man – individual as center of the world. Were' they also even earlier the postulates of Illuminates and communists as well (Manifest), it is important to put the man into the center of interest , it gives birth toselfishness and selfhood (A man is made according to the figure of God – meaning he is God on earth and everything is allowed to him). Then it further gives birth to all those negative consequences in sociology of current societies which refer to the family also – its decay, alcoholism, drug abuse and similar.

In order to collapse Goyish industry,  6. we shall let to the help of speculation  strong need for luxury, insatiable luxury, which we managed to develop among Goys.(consumers' society)  7. We shall increase the wages, which will all the same bring no use to workers, since at the same time we shall cause price increase of the most important food, (controlled inflation)  allegedly due to decrease of agriculture and cattle breeding and apart from that we shall skillfuly and deeply undermine the sources of production, 8. making the workers accustomed to anarchy (selfgoverning) and alcoholic drinks and and taking together with it all the measures to drive away from the earth all the intelligent goyish powers. (Migration from village to city that happened to us in 70's of the last century, in order to make as big layer of workers as possible, proletarians depending on monthly salary, but it destroyed village and layer of peasants not depending on wages)

9. In order to keep the back of things still unnoticable for Goys, we shall conceal it with the alleged tendency to serve to working classes and big economic principles which very actively propagate our economic theories. (P-6)


On 3rd Dcember, 1910 in 297 issue of “Moskovske Vjedomosti” the article “Labour Movement in West Europe” was printed. We shall give you the following quotation from it:

… In general wages have been the main cause of all recent conflicts – the workers are forcing, they are asking wages to be increased. These requests are sometimes covered by other motives, for example by new method of salary calculations, but still all conflicts get down to the increase of wages. In railway strike in France the request was openly made that minimal salary of railway employee should be increased from 4 to 5 franks per day. Without going into the question of to what degree these requests are attainable we shall stop at the cause of them.


In all countries of West Europe significant price increase of food has been noticed over the last years. The-so-called “Index number” bears the witness to it. But this “index” includes very different things which not in the slightest have the equal importance in terms of life's needs, for example bread, iron, silk, tobacco and similar to that, since while some of them are necessary and important, the others appear to be luxury. Second “Index number” does not present the average prices for certain period but they are adjusted for certain time limits, therefore its statements reflect the accidental price variations. Because of that we shall take average annual prices of the most important articles according to the official statistics of Germany (1910): rye flour, wheat flour, pork and mutton  and we deduce from them the average prices for two five years periods from 1899 until 1904 , and from 1905  until 1909.

At the end of this introduction, let's deal a little bit with methods of programming the conscience of masses so that we could illustrate one of the methods of manipulation.

You sure remember – at least you who are older – that in the time of socialism one entry was often used – workers, peasants and honest intelligentsia.Meaning, intelligentsia is by definition dishonest, only the workers and peasants  are as it should be. And when you repeat this to a man from early childhood he becomes unaware of the origin of that antagonism he feels towards educated people. The same happens with the words “learn son in order not to work...” and similar rubbish, but this is not accidental, as it is usually thought.

We shall cite/quote some parts from anyhow very disputable book of Vladimir Aleksejevic Istarhov «THE BLOW OF THE RUSSIAN GODS»:

   »How can the human conscience be programmed through the help of religions, education systems, SMI etc.?In the base of programming lays the procedure for creating the system of basic value stereotypes. The system forms the table and using the example of several rows taken from the Basic System of Christian's values is the best way to understand what it actually is.



Term, label, symbol

Moral evaluation




Very good




Very bad

Fear, horror




Love, gratitude, admiration




Fear, horror, hatred











Very bad

Contemp,hatred, fear




Disrespect, envy, malice, hatred



Very bad

Hatred, envy



Not good

Envy, hatred










The table can be extended even longer, it is already long, but we shall not do it. The most importatnt is – to understand its meaning. The meaning is that each basic term (label, symbol) is always given in strong relation with moral evaluation and emotion. This table creates the fundament of opinion, either correct or incorrect. Upon completion of man's programming each term (label, symbol) cannot be accepted by man separately, but it always goes with moral evaluation and emotion.  

   All further procedure in man's opinion after the series of logical steps relies on these basic stereotypes. Actually all information, reaching man's head, is worked out and evaluated with the help of this table of basic values.

   The ones governing the crowd know that crowd cannot be governed by logic, but by emotions. Every demagoguery and mechanisms of governing and manipulating over people are based on it. By pressing the key of labels (terms, symbols) in appropriate time and causing the appropriate emotions, it is easy to govern the public opinion of the crowd.

   For example, a strong orator appeared among the mob governed by demagogues  the demagogues couldn't cope with in a logical way. It would be enough the demagouges to shout: »He is a provocator«.

Or some other term engraved in people's conscience with certain value. No matter if it is good or bad, it is in line with the need of ones who govern.

The mob will immediately support it and orator shall become neutralized. He shall not be listened to any more, he shall have to find excuses and prove that he is not provocator, that he is good, but the crowd will doubt it and all attention of the mob shall be transferred to other track.

   If the mob accepts some orator as an enemy and feels negative emotions to thim, then whatever the orator says, it will be accepted negatively, regradless of the orator's true speech.

It further gives the example attacking Christianity:

Since Christ is perfect, since he loves you, since he is a hero, since he wishes us good, it means that whatever he narrates is true. That's why the tricks like Christ's salvation have been thought out. These are psychological methods. It is all very thought out in a written form. The thing not affecting the intellectuals, does not frighten the priests. There are not many intellectuals, but there are many mobs.

You should pay attention to how the writer himself plays with his readers. What he actually wants to tells us – If you trust me, then you are the minority who is elitistic, intellectual, while majority who doesn't believe me is »the other« who cannot be helped. Meaning if you are not affected by the sermons of christianity you are automatically intellectuals.

Sure someone will by right ask a question: Is it normal and in human's nature to classify the world and concepts around himself in general frames, just to make an easier classification in his head? Is it normal? I dare say that it is, for most of people, but it is not good and this habit should be given up. Since the way the world looks around at the masses today is really on a very low energetic value. Actually it is about people who are finding refugee in some «commonly accepted opinion», and they don't want to think with their own head. Obviously it is similar to «fashion trends», where everybody is trying to look after each other. This makes it easier for someone who wants to govern people, to subjugate them to his own power, and they are not even aware of that. It is the same as when a shepherd and a dog control a big flock of sheep. It is important the shepherd governs the leader  sheep obeyed by everybody else, even if some sheep dares walk out of the flock then the dog brings it back.

It all goes down to absurdity. Try to analyze all terms you are using during the day.  And what meanings they have for you. It is a nice mental game. Give definitions to the terms you are using. It is considered you know the meanings of this terms. Do it in your head, and then check the meanings with your friends. You will be surprised how many differences you will find.

As a joke we shall cite the famous fairy tale «Little Red Riding Hood» - If we analyze it literally, we can draw a conclusion that the only positive person is the wolf!

Think about what it really says. They sent one old lady to live by herself in the woods  and child to take care of her and bring her food every day through wild wood. She hardly carries the huge basket, while wolf is a wild animal – he feeds himself with what he finds – even if it were one sweet little girl mistreated by her family.

Or let's take moral characteristics that you allocated to characters  from this fairy tale and search them in the above table and you will see what you got.

We shall cite one more example, majority of you will not agree with, but we count that you,who are reading this, already have the greater knowledge from this field and that you like to think with your own head  so still we shall present it to you.

What do you see in one football match? Two groups of people are trying to put the round soft thing into for that purpose enclosed space on the opposite sides of the playing field.  And the more successful are the ones who do it more times.  Even if we say that for them there is sense in terms of recreation the number of scored balls is so important for thousands and millions of fans that this is for them the most important thing in life – isn't it illogical?

But from childhood we are looking at the people who behave like that and we don't think of what is really happening.  

And the last example of abuse.

How do you find the sentence that we served to you a few moments ago : »We shall cite one more example, majority of you will not agree with, but we count that you,who are reading this, already have the greater knowledge from this field and that you like to think with your own head  so still we shall present it to you».

How many of you who are reading this have noticed that we also used the same technique of conscience manipulation against you. We flatter your vanity, that you have knowledge and therefore you will  obey us. These are the elements of classic hypnosis. The stronger person the man is it is easier to cheat him. It is even more difficult with the insecure. The basic scheme is to talk to a man that he is strong and clever and that no one can influence him, that he is an expert in the related field, he is even an authority in it and that exactly because of it he will obey you and believe you since the ignorant cannot understand it.

Further, »How many of you who are reading this have noticed that we also used the same technique of conscience manipulation against you. We flatter your vanity, that you have knowledge and therefore you will  obey us».  Again the same story but on a higher subtle level. Since you are stronger than others we have to acknowledge what you have most probably noticed, in order to acquire your favor and belive in what we are talking about.  Of corce this is the manipulation over you.

Now we could say that we really closed the circle. We are taking you from one knot to another. We made a spiral from several consecutive negations (negation of negation) in order to make you separate from blind trust to the theme we are presenting. Like the Asher's pictures where stairs have no end but they go round.

Therefore the Theory in Protocolsm deserves deeper studying – no matter if it is conscious or done intentionally, or it is clearly about natural legalities of social structure. Although the conclusion is inexorably drawn, that this is still an attempt of creating some world despotism, global, plannetary power, or as it went into fashion today that who knows what is called  New World Order – this is its only essence. (We shall come to that later.) Without the ideology stated in  Protocols, the ideology of destruction – the today's world would not look like this but the future perspective is not much better.

Once more we should underline that this was not our intention to uncover the world conspiracies here – not in order to justify oneself before someone or from some fear – but because we consider that in the end it is less important. Since in current social structure (on world level) there are many deviations and imperfections. It is not important whether they are the consequences of a wicked mind's intention or they are simply the regular development of human society longing for perfection and on the its road to perfection he makes small or big mistakes as a child staggering and falling until he learns to walk right – but here  on one place the theory of governing has been set up (you can also find some more appropriate name) as nowhere else and it is a pity to keep it in shadow behind exterior of Protocols as one of the program for winning world, i.e, program for creation of new world unique authority, of some new global tzarism.



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